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HentaiHaven Reviewed By TheCamDude

HentaiHaven is a great site for free hentai and anime if you can get it to work. There are tons of broken links and video errors to deal with. There’s no telling if the problems can be fixed or not. A lot of the video will start to load, then simply go to an error message. When you find ones that work, the quality is high and the action is fun. The anime girls are hot and you can find them in all kinds of different scenarios. All of the video are exclusive, so you’re not going to be finding them anywhere else on the internet.

The Mind Control category is a lot of fun to check out on Hentai Haven. It’s filled with girls getting brainwashed into doing anything someone wants them to. That can be everything from dressing up to getting in the middle of a three way. There are lots of videos, so you can find anything that you want to see. The best thing about the categories is that you can combine them for a search. Adding Mind Control and Maid, for instance, will bring you videos of maids being controlled. That’s something really specific, but can still be found here and that’s saying a lot for the videos.

The HentaiHaven site can work well when it wants to. The biggest problem will be dealing with bad videos and bad links. Other than that, they keep the ads to a minimum and have plenty of unique videos. It’s all organized really well and you can stream anything you want. There are no downloads, though. You’ll have to create an account and favorite something to easily find it later on. You’ll also need a Disqus account if you want to comment on anything. There seems to be a very active user base that loves to talk about the videos they watch.

Text over all categories to tell you what they are
Mind Control category has girls doing what you want
Recent video list on every page

Most videos are censored
Lots of broken links and video errors
No downloads

HentaiHaven is a good site that has tons of hentai and anime that you can watch for free. You can stream anything you want, but there are no downloads on the site. All of the videos are also exclusive, so you can’t find them anywhere else. The Mind Control category has the kind of taboo videos that you love to see. Categories can also be combined for fine-tuned searches. It’s a great site to check out and see if you like the videos that these guys make. You won’t be able to get them anywhere else.